XVII. Myeloma and V. Cell Therapy Workshop 2022 


About the workshop

The Myeloma and Cell Therapy Workshop is a two-day event with the goal of bringing bright minds together and discussing a wide range of hematooncology subjects, to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder – and to provoke conversations that matter in the field.
The MCTW will host over 20 international speakers that will give talks related to both basic myeloma research (genomic and mol-cell-bio) and more clinically oriented sections, exploring the new horizons and challenges of cell therapy in the context of multiple myeloma, focusing on improving the current immunotherapy, and discussing the new prognostic biomarkers in monoclonal gammopathies.
Our goal is to bring leading scientists from the field to discuss the latest developments, share ideas, network, and inspire conversations. And last but not least, we would like to promote collaborations among different groups of scientists from diverse backgrounds in order to accelerate translational research.


Czech Myeloma Group


Registration (without fee) at the event is mandatory for everyone who wants to attend the workshop, either in person or virtually.
To register at the event, please, fill out the form on the Hanzo website.


Program of the event

The workshop will have several sections related to both basic myeloma and more clinically oriented research.
Please take a look at the program and get inspired by the topics. 


Poster session

This year, MCTW will have it’s first ever poster session! Posters will be scored by the pannel of judges and the most successful three posters will be awarded.
For more details about the poster session, how to apply and further information, click here.

Deadline for abstracts submisson:
30. 9. 2022



Quality Hotel Ostrava

Hornopolní 3313/42,
702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz,



prof. Roman Hájek, MD, Ph.D.

Michal Šimíček, Ph.D.



XVI. Multiple myeloma and IV. Cell therapy workshop, Ostrava (Czech Republic)

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Previous International Speakers

Da Vià Matteo Claudio (Milan, Italy)
Bruno Paiva (Pamplona, Spain)
Tom Cupedo (Rotterdam, Netherland)
Cirino Botta (Palermo, Italy)
Francesco Maura (Miami, USA)
Caroline Heckman (Helsinki, Finland)
Kenneth C. Anderson (Boston USA)

and many more...