Sandra Charvatova: Ph.D. student from our lab awarded for her achievements!!!

Sandra Charvatova is one of our Ph.D. students and she is from Ostrava!!!

Sandra Charvatova Microscope


Sandra Charvatova, a graduate student of the CCLO group, was recently awarded scholarship established by the city of Ostrava for university students who have achieved outstanding academic and scientific goals.

The scholarship from the city of Ostrava is a prize awarded to university students residing in the city who have obtained relevant academic results.

The award has been recognized for more than 20 years and, this year the award ceremony was held at the new City Hall and Sandra Charvatova was one of the awarded students. A real pride for the whole team and an important sign for the current and future students of the University of Ostrava.

Sandra can definitely be an example for many of you!!!

The scholarship has been provided to outstanding students since the 1996/1997 academic year. Until 2008, the city has invested 370,000 crowns every year, and subsequently, the amounts have gradually increased to reach a record of 1.775 million crowns, which have been distributed by the city since the last academic year.

Who knows, maybe in the following years some other students of our international team will be able to take part in the competition and bring home another prize, for now, good luck, will win the best.

But, meanwhile, still a great wish to our Sandra Charvatova.

Ad maiora.