Congratulations to Michal Šimiček for his achievement


Michal Šimiček NEURON 2019


Dr. Michal Šimiček, the head of the Blood Cancer Research Group, has been recently awarded the prestigious Neuron Award for Young Promising Scientists for his outstanding work.

Established in 2010, the independent Neuron Science Foundation has promoted and supported the most distinguished scientists from the Czech Republic while simultaneously popularizing science and sharing inspirational stories of top personalities of Czech science. There are three categories of the Neuron Awards: Lifetime Achievements, Outstanding Discovery and Young Promising Scientists.

Although Michal spent most of his career working abroad in the world-famous research institutes including Leuven University, UCL and Cancer Research UK in London and Medical Research Council in Cambridge, he decided to return to Ostrava to join local University and University Hospital, where he got a position of a Deputy Director for Science and Research and leadership of the Blood Cancer Research Group. His team focuses on both basic research and the development of novel therapeutic approaches in the hematooncology.

Michal highlights that this prize is awarded not only to him but rather to the entire team. He would like to thank all members of the BCRG biomedical center, especially prof. Roman Hajek and all team leaders - Dr. Juli R Bago, Dr. Matouš Hrdinka, Dr. Tereza Ševičkova a Dr. Tomaš Jelinek, whose knowledge and support was crucial in establishing this highly successful research unit. Finally, Michal summarises that the Neuron Award represents a great honor, encouragement and commitment to the future research that will ultimately lead to better cure for patients with cancer.



written by Hana Šahinbegović