Evaluation day 2020

Like every year, after twelve months of hard work, the evaluation day was held yesterday Friday 7 February 2020. On this day all the research teams, collaborators, technicians, and assistants show themselves and highlight the year's work, current and future plans in their specific areas. An event of great importance for our research group, because it offers the opportunity to discuss each project at 360 degrees, identify critical issues and highlight its winning aspects. A day where the work is evaluated, but with constructive criticism, always in the interest of growth and to carry out, all together as a team, a passion, a job and a challenge in the field of hematological research.


9:00     9:10

Kateřina Hašová

MIDLINE projekt

9:15      9:25

Marcel Koňařík

Vliv fyzické aktivity na únavu z rakoviny

9:30     9:45

Jaromír Gumulec

Aktivity skupiny pro trombózu a hemostázu

9:50     10:05

Michaela Skořupová

Projekt telemedicíny v hematoonkologii

10:15    10:30

Lucie Broskevičová

Biobanka ve FNO

Coffee break



10:45   11:00

Lucie Huvarová

 Subpopulace CD34+ buněk

11:05    11:15

Lucie Černá + Jan Vrána

Flow cytometry in BCRG 2019/2020

11:15   11:25

Michal Ďurech

Biochemistry in BCRG 2019/2020

11:30    11:45

Michal Šimíček

BCRG in 2020 (+ newly initiated projects of MS team)

11:50    12:05

Tereza Ševčíková

Genomic studies in BCRG

12:10   12:25

Martina Zátopková

Profiling of somatic variants in minimal residual disease

Lunch break



13:15    13:25

Tomáš Jelínek

Extramedullary myeloma - application for new AZV grant

13:30    13:45

Alexander Vdovin

Identification of novel crucial regulators of immunoglobulin production in multiple myeloma

13:50    14:05

Juli Rodriguez Bagó

Cell-based therapy team in 2020

14:10    14:25

Benjamin Motais

NK-cell based immunotherapy for hematological cancers

14:30    14:45

Sandra Charvátová

Exosome crosstalk in MM & Local cell-based immunotherapy of MBD

Coffee break



15:00    15:15

Matouš Hrdinka

Ubiquitin Signalling Team in 2020: Projects, Grants, and Collaborations

15:20   15:35

Marcello Turi

Analysis of ubiquitin system in the MyD88 signalosome driving human lymphomas

15:40   15:55

Dhwani Radhakrishnan

Role of Deubiquitinases in blood Cancer-related functions: A Comprehensive Approach

16:00   16:15

Renata Šnaurová

New Regulatory Components of Ionic Homeostasis and Their Importance in Cell Migration

16:20   16:35

Hana Šahinbegović

Single-cell analysis and mitochondria transfer in MM