Cancer Genomics PhD position

PhD position

  • Institution: University of Ostrava & University Hospital Ostrava
  • Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Job description

The Blood Cancer Research Group at the University of Ostrava and University Hospital Ostrava invites applications for a PhD position in Genomics of Hematological disorders. Our group is a newly established young international research team with a number of national and international collaborations and as such provides an attractive opportunity to pursue your career in science.

Our research focuses on the molecular basis of hematologic malignancies especially lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Several ongoing genomic-based projects are aiming at identification of novel cancer drivers and druggable targets through deep analysis of samples from patients. Following preclinical validation using cell-based and animal models aims to translate the results into highly perspective clinical trials. We employ the latest experimental approaches including next-generation exome and transcriptome sequencing, CRISPR-Cas9 genome modification, mass spectrometry, and all standard molecular and cell biology techniques as well as advanced bioinformatics analyses. In addition, we benefit from a large biobank of patient samples and easy access to clinical data.

Currently, we are looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic and proactive colleague for PhD position in the genomic section, with a background in bioinformatics and/or cancer/cell biology.

The job will require planning and performing bioinformatics analyses of DNA/RNA NGS sequencing data and graphical visualization of the results using programing languages. These tasks will be accomplished using programming languages like Python, R, and shell scripting. The reproducibility of the research will be further secured via Snakemake workflows. An integral part of the job will be presentation of results at prestigious international conferences and publishing in the top scientific journals.

We offer a part-time position for at least 4 years with a competitive salary that will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. To apply, simply send us your CV and a brief motivation letter with 2 references till 5th May 2020. The applications will be evaluated continuously, and selected candidates will be invited for a Skype interview. The starting date is 09/2020.

Your applications and all informal inquiries are welcome at email