Oral presentation and poster accepted for the annual ASH2020 meeting

We are proud to announce that our abstract has been accepted for oral presentation in the multiple myeloma section in the ASH2020 conference!!!

The 62ND ASH ANNUAL MEETING AND EXPOSITION is an event organized by ASH (American Society of Hematology) is one of the most important in the World for our field.
The chance to meet the brightest minds involved in hematology research is a unique opportunity to forge new collaborations and be inspired by colleagues.
it is also an opportunity to communicate your results to people interested in our research area, and to receive constructive criticism that can improve our work.
Unfortunately, this event due to the COVID pandemic will only be virtual, but there will be passion and the opportunity to make our work appreciated and the work of others appreciated, with a view to forging new profitable collaborations.

Our abstract has been accepted for the oral presentation session in the field of multiple myeloma, and we are looking forward to presenting it to the world thanks to the window that ASH offers us.

Below is the link to the ASH page, where you can consult our abstract and the visual abstract directly available here below.


Visual Abstract