Animal center approved!!!

Our newly established animal center was recently approved by the ministry and we can finally start in vivo experiments.

Another big milestone has been achived with the last accreditation from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic obtained for our brand new vivarium! 

"In our research, we also focus on the development of a modern type of treatment based on the use of living cells, so-called cell therapy. This revolutionary approach represents great hope for the future for cancer patients. At present, our research team already has modified cells, which we test in laboratory conditions. The last step, before starting your own clinical trials, is to test the effectiveness of the new therapy on animal models. The possibility to perform these tests directly on the premises of the University of Ostrava is a major milestone that significantly accelerates the transfer of results from the laboratory to clinical practice " says our head of the Blood Cancer Research Group, RNDr. Michal Simicek, Ph.D.

However, this news is a great achievement not only for our research group but also for the Medical Faculty of the University of Ostrava and the University Hospital Ostrava, from whose we are close belonged, as BRCG is born as a joint project of these two big institutions!

Finally, with this accreditation, we can start our in-vivo testing and validation of experimental data directly in-house, since before this the only option for us was to use a vivarium abroad.