Project LERCO

A new international research center will be established in the Ostrava region with an international dimension

The BRCG group is proud to be an important member of the new project LERCO that move biomedical science in Ostrava to the next level

LERCO is a medium-term project, promoted by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava in collaboration with the University Hospital of Ostrava, which also involves our Director prof. Roman Hájek, MD, Ph.D, as Rector for Strategy and Development of the OU.

The main purpose of this project is to develop 9 research points of excellence in an international format to improve research activities on the territory to an excellence level, motivating students and academics to engage in research activities through a multidisciplinary environment, full of internal and external stimuli. In fact, thanks to the project, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava wants to raise its international recognition, becoming a point of attraction for the best minds around the world.

On a practical level, the LERCO project aims to become the connection point between basic and applied research, as well as the fulcrum of innovation and practical implementation of the scientific results obtained by its researchers.

LERCO project