Experimental and clinical medicine in hematology and oncology: a new Ph.D. study program

The faculty of medicine of the University of Ostrava own its tailor-made Ph.D. program

The doctoral study program in “Experimental and clinical medicine in hematology and oncology” just received accreditation for the University of Ostrava credit system. 
The study program aims to address graduates for independent scientific activity and provide highly specialized knowledge applicable in various contexts of experimental research in the clinical field of hematology and oncology. 
As well as the other Ph.D. programs offered from the University of Ostrava, the period of this doctoral study program is 4 years, and it follows the same duties as the others, requiring a state doctoral examination and the defense of a dissertation, by which the student demonstrates the ability and readiness for independent activity in the field of research or development. 
The program is under the guarantee of prof. Roman Hájek, MD, Ph.D., is already the director of the hematooncology department, vice-rector of Ostrava University, and project coordinator of the Blood CancerResearchh Group. Therefore, we can only expect an extraordinary development of this newborn study program. 
For further information visit https://lf.osu.cz/studijniobory/?specializaceid=3617