Research Unitis

Genomic and bioinformatics team

The genomic core of BCRG is focused on explorative research using genetic material isolated from primary patient cells. The team is using state of the art techniques including NGS, RNAseq, single-cell transcriptomics and sophisticated bioinformatical algorithms aiming to identify novel genetic aberrations associated with specific disease states.

Actual projects


Team leader: Tereza Sevcikova, PhD.

Cell and molecular biology team

The molecular and cell biology unit investigates fundamental biological processes involved in the development, pathogenesis and drug resistance of haematological malignancies. The team is applying all modern molecular biology methods such as genetic engineering (CRISPR-Cas9, shRNA), primary cell culture, advanced protein biochemistry, high-resolution fluorescent microscopy and many more.

Actual projects


Team leaders: Michal Simicek, PhD. and Matous Hrdinka, PhD.

Cell therapy team

The cell therapy unit is the newest part of BCRG, established by the end of 2018. The main focus is the development of cancer immunotherapy based on modified primary Natural Killer cells. Via close collaboration with the private sector, the main goal is to deliver novel, highly effective, non-toxic and low-cost cell-based therapy that could be soon available for targeting a large spectrum of haematological tumours.

Actual projects


Team leader: Juli Rodriguez Bago, PhD.