• Established as the first part of research center in 2013
  • The main activity is the collection, processing and storage of biological samples (cells, tissue, serum, plasma, DNA, RNA) from patients with blood cancers
  • The workplace has equipment for nucleic acids isolation, samples freezing including monitored material archivation at -20° C, -80° C and -196° C (liquid nitrogen)

Cell sorting laboratory

  • The laboratory specializing in magnetic separation and fluorescence-activated cell sorting comprising primarily high purity cell sorting
  • It is possible to separate to 4 cell populations at once
  • M Aseptic sorting, cell separation directly on the slides, „single-cell sorting“ and others

Hematopoietic cell laboratory

  • Laboratory was established in 2014 as part of the new autologous stem cell transplantation project in HOC FHO and MF UO.
  • The basic task is hematopoietic stem cells processing at all stages: from their removal from the patient to the transplant itself
  • Scientific activity is focused on special manipulation with hematopoietic cells ex vivo with the aim to producing algorithm of hematopoietic stem cells applications to patients without the heavy side effects

Molecular biology laboratory

Laboratory of Molecular Biology was founded in 2014:

  • Initial focus was on optimization of genomic and molecular biology methods and their implementation, optimization and standardization in research and diagnosis of monoclonal gammapaties.
  • From 2017, the lab has expanded its activities towards a pre-clinical, translational and fundamental research of hematological malignancies using state-of-the-art genomic, bioinformatic, proteomic, biochemical and molecular biology techniques.
  • Our primary focus remains on monoclonal gammapaties (amyloidosis, MGUS, multiple myeloma and Waldenström macroglobulinemia) and B-cell lymphomas
  • Ongoing and future projects are listed in the Projects section.