PhD student / Postdoctoral positions in Blood Cancer and Cell Therapy research

Job description

Applications are invited for PhD student, junior and senior postdoc positions in the Blood Cancer Research Group (BCRG) in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The BCRG is a joint project of University of Ostrava and University Hospital Ostrava. Within BCRG we focus on both fundamental and translational research related to cell therapies. We use a multi-faceted approach using primary patient material, bioinformatic tools, modern biochemical and genetic techniques, in vivo models and variety of multi-omics state-of-the-art methods.

Within our fundamental research, we aim to decipher the biological function of critical immunotherapy targets and their relevance in drug resistance, disease progression, and metastasis formation. The translational branch is developing novel monoclonal antibodies, chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) and hybrid T-cell receptors and uses non-viral, CRISPR-based methods for precise genetic modifications (knock-out, knock-in) of primary T-cells.

The results of our studies have recently been published in several high-profile journals including Nature Communications, Leukemia, Clinical Cancer Research, and Journal of Clinical Oncology. Additionally, we have currently 3 patent applications, establishing a large CAR T/NK-cells production facility and preparing several clinical trials using our own cell-based products. Our ultimate goal is to provide novel prognostic markers, therapeutic targets and particularly cell-based products that could be used for future therapy in cancer patients. 

What do we offer:

    The BCRG is tightly link with the haematoonclogy clinical department and has a direct access to a large collection of patient samples. Further, proteomic, bioinformatic, microscopy and flow cytometry facilities together with modern animal centre, all managed by experienced scientists. The team is highly international, and the main language is English.
    We offer a highly competitive salary and support in career development via many courses, participation on international conferences, collaboration with industry, etc. Doctoral student / postdoctoral research positions are fully funded for at least 4 years.
    We are part of the recently established Life Environment Research Center Ostrava (LERCO). This research hub is a unique project in the Moravian-Silesian region, warranting great opportunities for multidisciplinary research. Therefore, by expanding our research premises, we are expanding our research team. We strongly encourage professional growth and possibly starting your own research within BCRG / LERCO in the future.
    Our up-to-date facilities are backed up by our close cooperation with haematooncologists from the University Hospital, ensuring our focus is on relevant topics in the clinical field. This also increases the translational potential of our work due to possible clinical trials, patent applications, industry collaborations, etc.

Who are we looking for (your profile)

  • MSc. or Ph.D. degree in biology, biochemistry, medicine, biomedical sciences or bio-engineering with outstanding study results.
  • Previous experience with or background in the field of cancer, haematology, immunology or cell therapy. 
  • Fluent English communication, quality-oriented, creative, and eager to dive into new scientific disciplines.

How to apply?

Highly motivated candidates are asked to apply online. For more information please contact Assoc. Prof. Michal Simicek at .

Additional required information:

  1. A brief statement describing your professional experience, career goals, and research interests
  2. CV detailing education, research experience, skills, and publications
  3. Names and emails of two references who can provide letters of recommendation.
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