BCRG, a part of Hematoncology clinic was founded as a joint project of the University Hospital Ostrava and University of Ostrava from January 1, 2015

  • Biobank
  • Cell sorting laboratory
  • Hematopoietic cell laboratory
  • Molecular biology laboratory


BCRG focuses on several research projects involving basic and applied research in the field oncohematology, in collaboration with the University of Ostrava and University Hospital of Ostrava.


BCRG activities can be divided into three main directions:

  • The main activity of Biobankis the collection, processing and storage of biological samples (cells, tissue, serum, plasma, DNA, RNA) from patients with blood cancers. Biobankhas equipment for nucleic acids isolation, samples freezing including monitored material archivation at -20°C, -80°C and -196°C (liquid nitrogen).
  • The Cell sorting laboratory specializes in magnetic separation and fluorescence-activated cell sorting comprising primarily high purity cell sorting.
  • Molecular-biological examinations are an essential part of modern diagnosis and treatment of disease. For the purposes of complex genomic studies there are available all basic genomic techniques including techniques involving analysis of the entire genome.


BCRG was founded as is a joint project of the University Hospital Ostrava and Medical Faculty, University of Ostrava.

This research team, under the guidance of prof. Roman Hajek, MD, PhD, is a new part of the Hematooncology Clinic from January 1, 2015

Establishment of BCRG is a prerequisite for acceleration of research activities of Hematooncology Clinic FH Ostrava and MF University of Ostrava

The scientific interests of BCRG team is focused on investigation of the origin and development of monoclonal gammopathies