Established as the first part of the research centre in 2013. The main activity is the collection, processing and storage of biological samples (cells, tissue, serum, plasma, DNA, RNA) from patients with blood cancers. The workplace has equipment for nucleic acids isolation, samples freezing including monitored material archived at -20° C, -80° C and -196° C (liquid nitrogen).

Flow cytometry facility

The Flow Cytometry Core provides BCRG personnel with expertise in day-to-day experimental measurements, panel design, and data analysis. Our team members actively participate in several cytometry-driven projects, including immunomonitoring in cancer patients and research on circulating tumor cells. Furthermore, our close collaboration with the professional hematooncology diagnostic laboratory is also essential.
The facility is currently equipped with a powerful fleet of instruments covering a wide range of applications – one spectral cytometer (Aurora / 5 lasers), two cell sorters (Aria III / 4 lasers, Cytoflex SRT / 4 lasers) and one conventional cytometer (Cytoflex / 4 lasers).

Animal facility

The modern animal facility is fully operating from early 2020 to enables in vivo experimental validation as a necessary prerequisite of future clinical trials. The facility will include self-sufficient clean (SPF barrier) area with several individually ventilated cages (IVC) for keeping and breeding immunodeficient mice, whole body bioluminescence device, pass through an autoclave, H2O2steriliser, biosafety cabinet, cleaning and waste disposing areas etc.

Computational biology unit

The Computational biology unit develops reproducible and scalable workflows for DNA,RNA and spectral flow cytometry analyses, designs and executes custom analyses using various programming languages (mainly Python and R) and provides data handling, visualization and statistical support for other BCRG memebers.

Proteomic facility

The proteomic facility offers our scientists an access to advanced technologies and expertise for the protein research. Depending on the specific needs and goals of each project, we provide expression and purification of proteins from different sources, such as bacteria or mammalian cells, identification of protein interactome, as well as monoclonal antibody development. Our facility provides state-of-the-art equipment including New Brunswick Innova 44R Incubator Shaker and AKTA pure L liquid chromatography system.

Microscopy facility

BCRG Imaging facility offers various types of microscopes and imaging tools to study biological samples . We provide services such as sample preparation , data acquisition and processing, as well as training and support for users. We are open for collaboration. Our portfolio of instruments covers wide range from simple light and fluorescence microscopes, through automated multi-mode cell imaging reader, to the state-of-the-art confocal system.

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