Therapeutic composition for cancer treatment

Addressing the challenges of post-surgical cancer treatment requires innovative strategies. Despite the comprehensive removal of tumors through surgery, there’s always a possibility that some tumor cells may remain, potentially leading to new tumor growth. Moreover, the risk of improper healing at the surgical site can significantly affect the patient’s health and overall quality of life.

In response to these challenges, we developed a novel treatment approach. This approach involves a unique therapeutic composition that includes a fibrin-based scaffold. This scaffold is ingeniously combined with natural killer cells and mesenchymal stem cells. The synergy of these elements is designed to efficiently target and eliminate any residual tumor cells while simultaneously promoting better healing post-surgery.

This newly developed treatment is engineered to be a convenient, ready-to-use (“off-the-shelf”) local cell-based therapy. It’s designed for long-term storage in a frozen state, ensuring it can be rapidly and easily deployed to the targeted area after a simple thawing process. This feature enhances its practicality for immediate post-surgical application, offering a promising solution for improving patient outcomes in cancer care.

University of Ostrava. Therapeutic composition for cancer treatment. Inventors: Julio Rodriguez Bago, Roman Hájek, Sandra Charvátová. Czech Republic, IPC: A61K 35/17, A61K 35/28, A61P 35/00, C12N 5/0607, C12N 5/0646. Patent, EP 4 180 049 A1. App. PCT/CZ2022/050119.

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